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Encounter with holy men

A Holy man offering a Tika

During temple exploration, travelers may encounter with so-called holy men in pilgrimage sites.  These disguising holy men have difference appearance. Some of them with long dread lock hair, long beard, stripped clothing and put ashes on body. Some holy men are with wearing mask of Hanuman and covered with rough clothes and some wear saffron clothes and hanging a basket with colors which they intend to put on travelers forehead.

The appearance of holy men looks unique and funny, waiting for letting trekkers take photo. In return they ask money. Some holy men moving place to place and walk with travelers and offer Tika then ask for money.

While taking photo, it is acceptable to negotiate for photo taking charge which you can expect 20 to 50 ruppees that comes 20 to 50 cents. It is not offensive to ignore to holy men who come to walk with you and offer Tika.