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What is Hands for Help Nepal?

The Hands for Help Nepal is a non-governmental social organization, registered with Nepal government, associated with Nepal NGO Federation and affiliated with Social welfare Council Nepal. As a Nepal based organization this operates volunteering program within Nepal and closely works with other NGOs and CBOs.


Why should I volunteer with Hands for Help Nepal?

  • Provides quality programs with very cheapest program fee
  • Supports participants on pre-placement, in placements and post placement phases
  • Pioneered volunteer organization in Nepal and experienced in mobilizing volunteers since 2000
  • Concerns about participants’ safety 24 hours a day, 7 days week.
  • Experienced staffed members


Can Hands for Help Nepal support financially to volunteer with them?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer any financial support now. You may want to consider enrolling in a later program to allow enough time to save the funds required.

Do I have to be from a specific country to be a volunteer with you?

No, Hands for Help Nepal give equal opportunities to every national in first come first serve basis

What is the minimum and maximum age limit to be a volunteer with you?

We accept applicaiton from minimum 18 years of age. If you are 16 or 17 then we need to talk to your parents or guardian.There is no any maximun age limit above but you have to be metally and phisically strong enouhg to work as per programs nature

Why should I pay for volunteering?

Hands for Help does not  receive any support from Nepal government and also we do not have any donors except children sponsors. To maintain expenses of programs and overhead cost we will charge a reasonable cost with participants

How safe is it to volunteer in Nepal?

Nepal is one of the safest destinations in terms of traveling and volunteering. There is no any organized terror groups who involve in violence and murder. Our all placements are located in very safe location in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lamjung, Parbat and Sindhupalchok all of our working location have police station.

Do I have to be native English and do I need to speak English to Volunteer?

No, there in no mandatory that you have to be a native English. If you have a communicative level of English that is enough and also depending on volunteer work nature if you want to enroll English Teaching program then you have to have some English writing, speaking knowledge. In other programs a basic level of communicative English language will be more than enough.


How many volunteers are there on a site at the same time?

We run fix and flexible programs; it is quite difficult to say then number of participants. In average you may expect 10 to 13 participants at a time.


Can I contact to previous volunteer if yes then how?

Definitely you can contact to our previous volunteers we will provide you their phone no or contact email upon request. All of our previous volunteers are our ambassadors who deliver message to other interested people. Previous volunteers are giving us their valuable time in no cost sometime if they are busy then may reply you.

How long will induction be held and where?

The induction period can be expected as per your volunteering period for two weeks program we take 1 day induction and for one month it goes up to two days and the induction will be held in Hostel or in Hands for Help office


What kind of living and fooding arrangements should I expect when volunteering?

The living and food arrangement varies as per projects nature like for monastery program volunteer stay at monastery and eat Nepalese and Tibetan food with monks and staffs, for Orphanage program volunteer will stay at the children home they eat with children and staff, in Construction and Environment program they live together at community demonstration center with other volunteers and eat Nepali and western food and in health care, school teaching and cultural exchange program volunteer will stay with host family and eat daal bhaat with host family.

Do I need travel and medical insurance?

Yes, you need it

Are there additional expenses once I arrive?

Yes, you need like buying bottle water, food during orientation, buying visa and if you are going out at night then you need extra money.


How is tipping system in Nepal?

Tipping is accepted in Nepal usually we suggest volunteers to tip if you are satisfied with your trek, rafting, safari and expedition then 10 to 20 percent tipping is recommended. After having meal in restaurants some of them include 13% service charge in your bill so after having meal tipping is not strongly recommended


What vaccinations will I need?

Basically we suggest volunteer to take Tetanus, Hepatitis B & C and depend on your working location we also suggest about Japanese inceplitis whether you need or not. It is better to speak your require doctors while you are making mind to come to Nepal.


Who organizes my flights?

The flight from your home to Nepal and Nepal to your home is to be organized by program participants if you want us to find flight then we can help in finding flights with the help of our travel partner companies.


Who organizes the visa for my volunteer placement and what are the visa re requirements?

Probably Nepal is the only one country in the world where you can obtain visa easily. You can easily purchase visa upon arrival at the Kathmandu airport which is the only one airport that operates international flights and also there are some major entry points between India and Nepal and between China and Nepal. If you want to obtain visa upon arrival then it is better to come with two copies of passport size photos and 50$ cash. If you want to get it in advance then you can contact nearest Nepalese consulate office or embassy in your country. Due to rigid rule with Nepali immigration system you won’t be granted volunteer visa you have to get tourist visa. For detail about please visit Nepal Government Webpage

How can I communicate with my family back home?

Now these days Nepal also developing information and Technology quite speedily compare to other sectors. So you can communicate with your friends and family back home via mobile phone, internet, email etc.

Can I buy a Nepali sim card upon arrival

Definitely you can buy Nepali sim card there are four cell phone companies are running services but Nepal Telecom and NCell have wide range of Network. It cost you 3$ with few minutes credits. You have to have to copies of passport size photos and a Xerox copy of your pass port


Will I have a roaming facility with my cell phone?

Depend on your Sim card that you bring from home our major two cell companies Nepal Telecom and NCell have quite wide range of network exchange with international company. If you want to use your own sim card in Nepal please contact your mobile company but it might enormously expensive compare to Nepalese sim


What are the school hours?

The public schools start at 10am then over at 4pm and privates have their own rule it starts at 9:30 am to 3:30 Pm. Apart from National Holidays school are open from six days a week Saturday is day off, Friday is for half day.


What is the climate like and what clothes should I bring?

December to February-winter, maximum temperature 14 degree and Minimum 0 degree can be expected so you need warm clothes, woolen jumper, coat, down, jacket, sweater etc.

Mach to May- Spring, but from third week of May it is quite warm due drought, temperature can go maximum 30 and Minimum can to up to 13 degree Celsius, light clothes like t-shirt, shorts, cotton, trousers are comfortable.

June to July – Summer, maximum temperature 34 and minimum 14 degree Celsius can be expected, monsoon starts sometime early July sometimes late July, while rain it is quite cool weather. You need light clothes and rain coat.

September to November- Autumn- during this season the weather is clear cool some time if the cloud from bay of Bengal makes rain. During third weeks of November the temperature starts to fall down so in early morning and evening is quite chilly


When should I arrive in Nepal and what shorts of training will I receive during induction phase?

If you are coming in a group like more than 5 then you have to arrive on 1st or 15th of any month. If you are coming yourself or with a friend then you can arrive at any time but you have to inform us your arrival date at least a month in advance. The induction period will be set as per your volunteering time if you are volunteer for a month then you may expect two days orientation which includes , Basic Nepali Language Course, Cultural talk Dos and Dos not, health and personal safety issue, project description and city tour. The induction program will be held in Kathmandu.