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nepal locks down fighting against COVID-19

Kathmandu Valley

Nepal Locks Down Fighting Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) affected a vast number of people in the world. Over sixteen thousand people died, and more than three hundred thousand people are infected worldwide. Infected patients number and the death toll is rising speedily.

Here in Nepal, due to this virus, a hidden terrorist traumatizes the whole country. The country has been locked down for a week. The situation seems an emergency. Officially, the Nepal government suspended Internation flights and issuing visas. Trekking, mountaineering, and other tourism activities are banned for an indefinite time.

To support the Nepalese government’s efforts, people stay at home, organizing no public functions, etc. However, the lock-down situation affects a significant number of working-class people who have to survive with daily wages.

As a volunteering organization, we, Hands for Help Nepal, used to play a supportive role in helping the deprived class of communities. During the earthquake,2014, we were able to support affected people with the help of local and international volunteers help. Unfortunately,  due to a lack of expertise,  well-manpower,  and equipment, we are unable to take part in the field to fight with the Coronavirus. However, we will do our best to raise awareness to fight with this bloody virus.

Rural Village in Nepal
Rural Village in Nepal

To date, there are no members of our organization, community partners,  partner institutes, and host families who are infected from COVID-19.

At the moment, we do not have any volunteers in placement. All who were working with us, lastly, in February,  had good health; they had a great time with us in Nepal.

We are also not accepting volunteering applications for March and April 2020. For the upcoming months, June, July, we better wait and see the situation of the coronavirus outbreak. It also depends on the Nepalese government rule whether it will be lifted or not.