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About Us

Hands for Help Nepal has been a prominent organization in volunteering and internship programs in Nepal for over two decades. The name “Hands for Help Nepal” translates to ‘Sahayogka Lagi Hataharu Nepal,’ reflecting our commitment to supporting those in need. We take pride in our pioneering status and established reputation in the volunteering and internship sectors.

Since our inception, we have successfully facilitated projects for over 10,000 individuals, including professional experts, students, and holiday-makers. We continuously adapt our projects and placements to align with the evolving needs of our volunteers and project requirements.

Our collaborative efforts extend to a wide range of organizations, including public and private institutions, children’s homes, women’s groups, children’s organizations, youth clubs, government and non-governmental organizations, and public and private hospitals. Notably, we maintain strong partnerships with monasteries and actively support vulnerable children. Our swift response to natural disasters has been particularly noteworthy.

For over 22 years, Hands for Help Nepal has been making a positive impact through its dedicated work in the field of volunteering and internships, fostering meaningful connections with diverse stakeholders and tirelessly supporting those in need.

Our History

The history of Hands for Help Nepal stands out as a fascinating narrative. In 1996, its founders, Anil Bhushal and Badri Rai, were engaged in unique roles as Nepali Language Trainers and Cultural Informants within a UK-based organization. This organization was responsible for sending young volunteers on GAP year missions to Nepal. The British organization hosted volunteers for educational and environmental programs lasting six months or more, spanning various regions of Nepal. Moreover, it coordinated summer programs with groups of volunteers.

The founders, Anil Bhushal and Badri Rai, maintained close relationships with international volunteers, some of whom had friends keen on short-term volunteering opportunities in Nepal. Unfortunately, due to strict regulations imposed by the hosting organization, they were unable to accommodate applications for short-term engagements.


Hands for Help Nepal is an officially recognized organization, holding valid registration with the District Administration Office of Kathmandu in accordance with the Society Act of 2034. Additionally, we maintain affiliation with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. Furthermore, we are proud to have received official recognition from the Kathmandu Metropolitan Office and the District Development Office of Kathmandu.