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Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Gloomy Holi Festival in Nepal.

Holi Celebration

As like earlier years, this year, 2020, the most prominent festival Holi seems gloomy. Hundred of thousands of people, including tourists, used to celebrate this festival in Thamel and Durbar Square. Maximum peoples’ influx used to go this carnival in a massive number in around at celebration locations Durbar Square, Thamel, and Tudhikhel. This year few Nepalese kids and a little number of tourists were enjoying Holy by smearing colors to each other.


We saw Thamel Square, in front of Kathamandu, Guest House, looks pretty deserted. There were a little number of tourists were playing colors with each other. No Crowed, having fun and dance appeared at all. A  color selling women were telling us this year the Coronavirus strikes her business as one of two people is buying her colors.


holi celebration
Holi celebration


We asked a coloring playing tourist group, why they were celebrating this festival where Nepalese authorities have requested not to celebrate this festival. They answered us they don’t care about bloody coronavirus and also said that Nepal is safe,  no Nepalese people have been affected yet. Furthermore, they responded in a hilarious term, “Nepalese people are already used to resist more harmful viruses.”


Usually, tourists, volunteers, and other foreigners who come to Nepal to travel and trekking in the mountains used to celebrate this festival with full of joys. It used to be there lifelong cultural experience, including nature and mountains.