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My Impression and Experience in Nepal

My impressions and experience of this organization, Hands for help, is that I really was really taken good care of. I was picked up at the airport and taken to the guesthouse where Mr Badri waited for me. Mr Badri is very concerned about that volunteers feel goodhttps://handsforhelpnepal.org and welcomed.

Urmila, who had the first Nepalis class, is really nice and taught me some useful phrases. Extra special and nice was that she showed me around in Katmandu. We went on her scooter and thats a great opportunity to see Katmandu by its real side. Suddenly you are in the middle of the traffic-chaos. And actually its working.

After my introduction days, Mr Badri took me to the monastery in Porphin where I should teach English to monks. I was there for some days, 1,5 weeks I think it was. The reason I left my volunteering period earlier was that I didn’t feel my time there very useful. I do more good with children and with really poor people. And I wanted to see more of Nepal and go trekking. The food at the monastery was not so good. I was always hungry, because of the taste of the food, and quality. Mr Badri has always been very kindly and helped directly in all kinds of situations, and I am very pleased with all his work.

I can really, really recommend this organization, and I will come back and stay longer in the country and work with children next time.