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Teaching Spanish in Nepal

Teaching Spanish in Nepal

Spanish Language Teaching in Nepal


Are you interested in teaching Spanish in Nepal?  Come to join our organization to grab this opportunity, Teaching Spanish in Nepal, combined with other travel activities. You can join from one week to several weeks as per your available time. According to ground research and demand of enthusiastic local people of Nepal, we are offering this program to you.

Teaching Spanish in Nepal?

As you know, Nepal, the beautiful mountainous country locates in south Asia, is a developing country. Nepal is a treasure of Natural resources. It has a significant potential for hydroelectricity, Tourism, human resource, and agriculture. Due to the landscape and land-locked borders, it is not able to develop speedily like neighbors’ countries China and India. The main primary income sources of foreign currencies of Nepal are Tourism, international working human resources, and agriculture.


Nepalese students have their native language, Nepali, which they use in school and English in university. But many Nepalese interested to learn an additional language other than English. There are some European Language Center, like French, Germany, Spanish and Italian, etc. in Kathmandu. These institutes are for grown-up people who are going abroad and find jobs there. Learners have to pay a significant amount of fees for these courses, which are not almost affordable for all Nepalese people.


We provide free Spanish language courses to Nepalese kids who learn it as an additional language course. After taking some classes and become an adult, they will find jobs in Travel Company to guide Spanish speaking travelers around Nepal. As per the Nepal tourism board, there are significant numbers of Spanish people travel to Nepal with the purpose of Travel, Tour, research, volunteers and internship, etc. Many Nepalese people have a dream to go to America to study and find jobs there. If they have Spanish language knowledge, they will get more priority in a job. As per our ground research, we found many Nepalese are interested to learn Spanish.


You will also feel pride in teaching Spanish in Nepal. And also, you will get a chance to learn about their culture in return, experience country, and Travel.

Who will you be Teaching Spanish, and for how long?

At the moment, we are sending Spanish Teaching Volunteers to teach at Orphanage Children Home, Schools, and sometimes in monasteries.  Your class will be arranged by our country coordinator and School Head Masters for one to four hours a day. It depends on the student’s interests and available time. It may go up to four hours a day.  You will be teaching six days a week, 1 to 4 hours a day, Saturday is day-off. If you want to Spanish Teaching Class with Orphanage Program, then you will be teaching 1 to 2 hours a day at orphanage homes. After completing the course, you will give them a certificate that will be signed by You and Hands for Help Nepal. Our coordinator will arrange the certificate.  This is our new program, so you have to teach them a basic level of Spanish courses like giving an introduction, numbers, like-dislike, and simple sentences. To supervise this course, our coordinator will come once a week to observe classes.

Program overview

Our country coordinator or their representative will come to the airport by taking your name to pick you up and drop you in a hostel for 1 or 2 days. We will give you extensive information about placement, children’s age, and other cultural issues. They will take you to visit some temples in Kathmandu then drop you at school or children home where you will be staying with the host family. The host family will give you food and rooms. In the day time, you will go to school and teach children and come back with children and spend time with then if you are not tired. Sometimes, you can go to see more temples and places in Kathmandu or Pokhara depends on your placement.


Our coordinator visits you to make sure everything is going OK or not. If you need any support, you can speak to him.


Tour and Travel

After completing your placement, if you like to go travel and tour to explore Nepal, then you can go for jungle safari, Trekking, Travel, Rafting, Bungee Jumping, paragliding, and other activities. Nepal has lots of things to do and to see. If you don’t have time to do these activities, then you will go back to your home or go to other countries or places that you already plan. Our coordinator will arrange your safe and on-time airport departure.