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Helping Helpless Women

Nepalese women

Half the sky holding population, women, especially from some communities in Nepal, are facing marginalized situations even in 2020. The newly promulgated constitution, 2015, assures a 33% reservation in politics and public services. However, most women are still deprived of state reservations from Dalit (untouchable) and indigenous communities.

Due to social discrimination, poverty, superstitious belief, and the caste system, women from these communities are discriminated against. Sadly, they are jobless or low paying workers and victims of domestic violence. Sometimes, socially, they are molested and lynched for an allegation of ‘witch’ and black magic.

As a volunteer, you will be working closely with these unfortunate women in Kathmandu or rural villages. Our social mobilizers work closely with you in your day-to-day schedule. As per project nature, volunteers will be involved in income-generating skill development activities such as making incense sticks, candles, leaf-plates, etc.

We also work with local governmental organizations, village or city municipalities, in raising awareness against domestic violence, women’s literacy, health, and sanitization.

In the rural communities, the school dropping rate of teen-age girls’ numbers surges high as they suffer from menstrual periods in growing age. To alleviate this problem, we distribute re-usable kits to school girls of some villages from Sindhupalchok and Kavre district. The rate of school dropping girls, because of the menstrual case, the number decreased drastically.

School Girls in Rural Nepal
School Girls in Rural Nepal