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School Building Projects


The Schools Construction Program presents a valuable chance for volunteers to actively contribute to these endeavors and participate in the reconstruction of schools.

Within this program, volunteers collaborate with other dedicated individuals, engaging in physical tasks such as digging ditches, constructing walls, mixing cement and sand, and transporting water and supplies from designated sites. While the work may be strenuous, Nepalese masons and counterparts are on hand to provide support throughout the day.

Construction activities typically commence at 10 am and conclude at 4 pm, with short breaks for refreshments and a 45-minute lunch break. The program offers flexibility, allowing volunteers to choose a duration ranging from one to two weeks, depending on their availability.

Prospective participants should be mindful that this is a physically demanding project, involving the use of locally available tools like hoes, shovels, wheelbarrows, hammers, etc. It is recommended to wear comfortable and used clothes, as they may become soiled during the construction process.

After completing the day’s work, volunteers have the opportunity to explore nearby temples in the Kathmandu Valley. Volunteers will be guided to explore picturesque village locations and immerse themselves in the local culture.

By taking part in the Schools Construction Program, volunteers not only contribute to the rebuilding efforts but also play a crucial role in enhancing educational infrastructure; ensuring children have a better learning environment for a brighter future.