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Orphanage Assistance & Child Care Program

Volunteers with Happy Kids

Volunteering in Children’s Homes in Nepal offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of vulnerable children facing adversity. In a country where many young souls are deprived of basic rights and forced into challenging circumstances, your dedication can bring about positive change.

As a volunteer, you will be an integral part of the Child Care Program. You will be working closely with these children in their homes and school. Volunteers ensure they attend school, receive the attention they need, and are nurtured in a supportive environment. Engaging in activities like teaching English, assisting with homework, and organizing enriching extracurricular activities, you contribute to fostering a sense of normalcy and hope for a better future. Your role extends beyond the immediate, contributing to the broader mission of breaking the cycle of poverty and providing these children with the chance they deserve to thrive.


Hands for Help Nepal operates in a distinctive manner, as it does not operate its own children’s home. Instead, it acts as a facilitator, diligently working to identify and support needy children’s homes where assistance is of paramount importance. Our partner children’s homes are officially registered with the Social Welfare Council Nepal and the District Administration office, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Additionally, these homes meet the requirements set forth by the Nepal Government to ensure the well-being and rights of the children.

The locations of the children’s homes we support extend both within and outside the bustling city of Kathmandu. By collaborating with established and reputable partner homes, we aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment for these vulnerable children, promoting their holistic development and offering them the support they need to build a brighter future.