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My Summer in Nepal

I was in Nepal for one month. It was my first time away on my own and my first time in Asia, yet I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Hands for Help is a fantastic organisation; I was taken good care of and there was always someone I could contact. I was most impressed with how flexible the program is. I spent my first week on a farming project in Kaule, a week in an orphanage in Pokhara and a week teaching English in a Tibetan monastery in Chauthe. I also had the opportunity to go on weekend expeditions to Chitwan and Lumbini, where I bathed with elephants and saw Buddha’s birthplace.


The Nepali people are extremely welcoming and kind. Although I was travelling alone I felt completely safe. Everyone is happy to help you and even when I was walking or dining alone someone would come and keep me company..


As well as the friends I made one of the best things about travelling was the food. Nepali food is incredible and a vegetarians dream. As part of the volunteering fee I was provided with all my meals: mo mos, curries, chutneys and my favorite, dal bhat. Despite moving around a lot I was given traditional home cooked meals every day. In most Nepali restaurants I paid a set price and could eat to my hearts content – it was like going to an aunts house for dinner. Once I had finished the chef would bring out the bowl and offer me seconds and thirds for no extra cost.